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“I’ve loved the experience because this is such a great community with wonderful people, some of whom have become lifelong friends.”

Dear Saint Andrews Members,

I wanted to thank everyone for the opportunity to be on the board for the past 13 years. I’ve loved the experience because this is such a great community with wonderful people, some of whom have become lifelong friends.  I am writing this letter not only as a “Welcome” to new members but at the same time, a “Goodbye” to the old members.  This is my last letter as president as I am stepping down when we find someone to fill my position.  I will certainly be around for the transition and help whenever I can, but I felt is was just time to step down.

As I leave the board, I wanted to remind the membership that our club runs because of volunteers.  Saint Andrews is not a country club with a paid board and management staff but rather, it is a community swim and tennis club.  Our board, its committees, and our team representatives are all volunteers; and, we need parent volunteers to help with ALL the teams and events at the club.  So, for those who say they have no interest in volunteering, let me please just say that this club IS a community and needs your support.  I have been through all the same struggles you have—small kids, 80-hr work weeks, sports, clubs, camps, dragging everything to the pool.  Yes, we all have incredibly busy schedules but I have always tried to find time to give back to the community.  Please show your kids what volunteering and service to the community are all about.  Your children watch you and learn from you.  They notice when you volunteer and sign up to help out with the teams, or when you leave the pool and clean up after yourself, and when you lend hand to a member in need, and when you share the grill and meet someone new.  They see it all and they learn from your example!

Of course, we could do what Elvaton Park does and simply charge a fee to those families who would rather let someone else volunteer.  But I hope by making this plea, you will respond and help out our Saint Andrews community so we won’t have to go that route.  So please, volunteer for something this year and make a difference.

It’s been a busy off-season.  The board has been developing maintenance plans and working on ways to improve our families’ experience at the club.  Aside from aesthetic changes this year, know that there will be some small changes and improvements in other ways too.  Our swim, dive, and tennis teams are looking at some new coaches and teaching strategies to engage and encourage your children.   We are always interested in your comments and ideas, but please be prepared for us to ask you for your support in the implementation of those ideas.

If you wish to rent out the clubhouse, it’s available year round.  Rates start at just $50 for a short meeting and just $75 during the week if you need it longer for say, a party.  Please check the clubhouse calendar for availability and use the reservation request form.

One final note, the membership drive is underway and all membership renewal registrations are due by the end of February.   If you need help, more information, or wish to contact a board member, please use the new directory.

I look forward to a great 2017 season and can’t wait for Spring!

Best wishes,

Rick Albers
SASTC President










“I have always tried to find time to give back to the community.”