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Dive Team News & Updates

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Important Information & Updates

2017 Dive Season
Team Manager:
Head Coach: Kristen Hicks
Assistant Coaches:


News and Information

We are excited to see all of our returning divers and plenty of new divers too!

All divers must have AAU insurance before practicing with the dive team.

That cost is included in the sign up procedures.

Attention Dive Team Parents and Members

Parent volunteers are crucial to our dive meets.  Without help the meets can not take place. Please review the meet schedule and determine when you can help!

The 2017 Dive Team meet and event schedule is posted on the Dive Team Calendar page.

If you have registered and paid all fees, you should be receiving e-mail reminders.  If you need to update your email address, please do so.

It is NEVER too late to join the team. There are NO late fees.

For those of you new to diving, there are a few pieces of information you might find useful.  First of all, dive meets start promptly at starting time.  The league determines start times.  Meets that have more than 60 total divers start at 5:30, while meets with more than 90 total divers start at 5:00.  Home team divers warm up two hours before meet start time, away team divers warm up one hour before meet start time.  Dive meets proceed by age divisions beginning with the youngest divers.

Therefore, dive meets run as follows: 6u, 8u, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18.  We generally take a break between 11-12 and 13-14 to allow the older divers to warm up again and to distribute the meet ribbons to the younger divers.  Older divers perform more dives than younger divers do.  The following is the number of dives or jumps required by each age division:

Age Number of Dives
6U 2
8U 3
9/10 3
11/12 4
13/14 5
15/18 6


General Meet Information

Meets generally last about three hours.  After your diver has finished you are free to leave if you so desire (unless you have volunteered to help during the running of the meet!)  You are encouraged to stay and root on your team.  Many meets are not decided until the final athlete dives and are very exciting to watch.

Which jumps or dives a diver performs are decided upon jointly by the coaches and the diver.  There are certain required dives that are dependent upon the diver’s age bracket.  The older the diver, the more requirements they have.  Any diver who cannot perform all the required dives can still participate in the meet.  However, they are assigned a status of “exhibition diver”.  A dive sheet must be filled out prior to the dive meet and be signed by the divers.  These sheets are then turned over to the paid meet official who verifies them.  It is critically important that these sheets are finished before the meet begins.  Usually they are filled out during the morning practice the day of the dive meet.  If you know your diver is not going to make practice the morning before an afternoon meet, please let the coaches know ahead of time so the dive sheet can be properly filled out and signed.

Each dive performed is judged by a panel of up to four volunteer judges and the paid meet official.  Only three scores will be recorded.  If there are five judges, high and low scores are thrown out.  If there are only four judges, one score is thrown out.  If there are only three judges, all three scores are recorded.  Please remember that most judges are volunteering and doing the best they can.

The scale for judging diving is from 0 to 10 points and can be broken down as follows:

Judges Call Points Awarded
Completely Failed 0
Unsatisfactory 1/2 to 2
Deficient 2 1/2 to 4 1/2
Satisfactory 5 to 6
Good 6 1/2 to 8
Excellent 8 1/2 to 10

Each dive is assigned a Degree of Difficulty (DD) that is a rating, ranging from 1.0 to 3.6, for executing a specific dive.  The DD is multiplied by the sum of the 3 judges scores in order to figure the total score for a dive.  Therefore, a judge should not (and will not) award a higher score to a more difficult dive (unless it is performed better).  The judges will merely judge the dive as it is performed.  Divers are rewarded for attempting more difficult dives by receiving a higher DD as a multiplier in determining their final score.  Remember, be kind to our judges.  And if you are interested in becoming a judge there is a judges clinic you can attend to become certified.  Give me a call if you are interested in attending.

Finally, diving is a sport that requires high levels of concentration.  Therefore, it is essential that the spectators remain as quiet as possible while the athletes are diving.  Parents are gently reminded to keep younger siblings quietly amused while the dive meet is going on.  Unfortunately, the baby pool cannot be open during dive meets.

Athletes must achieve a qualifying score in two or more meets to qualify for the individual league championships.  2009 Qualifying Scores are as follows:


Qualifying Score

















If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Compliments can be given directly to the coaching staff!  I look forward to your feedback.