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A lot of people work very hard behind the scenes to keep your pool and facilities clean, running well and safe. Every member can show their support and appreciation for these efforts by making sure they review and follow the Pool Rules and pay special attention to the following Safety and Health related issues that could cause lengthy pool closures – more info on both may be found under the Pool FAQs section and we ask all members to read and remember these items.  We look forward to having all St. Andrew’s Members and their invited guests enjoy the pool this summer.   Please take a moment to read over the complete Pool Rules document which if everyone does their part and follows these rules will ensure a safe and pleasant St. Andrew’s Pool experience throughout the summer.
  • NO GLASS of any kind is allowed in the pool areas! Aside from the obvious problems broken glass presents, if it gets in the pool that could mandate a 7 – 10-day closure while the entire pool is drained and cleaned!
  • Remember we are on a septic sewage system. The Golden rule is: If it’s not “TP” and you didn’t eat or drink it first, it doesn’t go into the toilet!
  • There is NO PARKING on the field in front of the main gate near the cement cisterns.  This area must be kept clear as it is on top of the underground septic tanks.  Parking in the smaller “Tennis Court” lot on Kinder RD is by PERMIT ONLY.  Vehicles without the proper parking sticker (permit) visible on their windshield WILL BE TOWED at owner’s expense.
  • The St. Andrew’s pool staff led by Tracey Dearborn has been doing a fantastic job getting the pool and facilities in top shape so all our members can enjoy a fun, relaxing visit.  In an effort to keep the pool area clean and orderly, we will make every effort to vacuum the pool and hose the decks daily. This will keep the dirt and insects to a minimum. You can help by ensuring that you and your family clean up/recycle empty pizza boxes, snowball cups and soda cans. Also, make sure to use the foot shower located between the pump house and the wading pool fence upon leaving the playground area.
  • Children who cannot swim on their own to safety or who use “floaties,” “swimmies,” life jackets, etc. must stay in the shallow end (3 ft.) under adult supervision at ALL TIMES. If the child wishes to move away from the side of the pool, a parent or person at least 14 years of age must accompany them. Parents may sit at the side of the pool if their child is within 5 ft. of the wall.  Children under 16 years of age must pass the Swim Test to use the slide, diving board or swim in the diving well. To pass the Swim Test, one must swim 1 lap (25 meters) of the pool with any stroke and tread water in the well for 1 min. Just ask a lifeguard that is not in the lifeguard chair for assistance and they will be glad to oversee the test.